Corsica- A Mediterranean Gem

Come discover why the legendary island of Corsica is aptly named “L’Ile de Beaute” (Beautiful Island) and be prepared to have your senses assailed by a symphony of colors, light and scents. The fourth largest island in the Mediterranean, Corsica offers a variety of landscapes from rugged coastline lined with sheer cliffs, sandy coves and azure blue sea to tall mountains with lush green slopes that smells from the fragrant herb scented maquis. Corsica’ numerous delights can be discovered by car, on foot, horseback or mountain bike.

Not sure where to explore in Corsica? How about one of the regions highlighted below:

Ajaccio, Napoleon’s birthplace, is set in one of the most beautiful gulfs in the world with mountains in the backdrop. Ajaccio’s light and colors worked wonders on Matisse who reportedly fell in love with the south when he came for a visit. Here you can enjoy a stroll around the old port lined with pastel colored houses and inviting café terraces. Visit historical sites like the Casa Bonaparte where Napoleon was born, the church where he was baptized and the grand Hotel de Ville which displays memorabilia of the emperor. Nearby are lovely sandy beaches to explore and from where you can enjoy a magnificent sunset over the Iles Sanguinaires.

Southern Corsica offers a variety of discoveries: prehistoric sites in Filitosa and Sartene; the impressive citadel town of Bonifacio perched precariously atop a limestone cliff jutting out to sea at the southern tip of Corsica; the beautiful sandy beaches of the luxury resort town of Porto Vecchio; and the lush forest of L’Ospedale and Bavella covered with pines, chestnuts and cork oaks. A 5-star attraction is the col de Bavella (5900 feet) with its views over the spiky porphyry needles of Aiguilles de Bavella.

Eastern Corsica displays long stretches between Solenzara and San Nicolao of fine sandy beaches bordered by pine and chestnut forests. So, enjoy a relaxing seaside vacation in the inviting waters along the Costa Serena or Costa Verde where you can partake at multitude of water sports such as swimming, fishing, jet skiing, sea kayaking, surfing, sailing, diving and more.

To the north of the island you will find Bastia and Cap Corse. Facing the Tuscan coast Bastia is a picturesque and lively Corsican town with tall painted houses, a crowded fishing harbor and Baroque churches. It was founded by the Genoese in the 14th century and was for a time the island’s capital. It is the gateway to the narrow mountainous promontory of Cap Corse which faces the coast of France. Explore tiny coves guarded by Genoese towers and picture perfect little fishing villages. The coastal town of Saint Florent makes a good base to tour the AOC wine region of Patrimonio and the Desert des Agriates a rocky desert-like scrubland lined by a long stretch of protected shoreline with superb beaches.

Western Corsica is truly breathtaking with its coastline bordered by red granite cliffs that plunge into the deep blue sea. The Gulf of Porto has the distinction of being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the resort town of Porto you can explore nearby natural wonders such as the Scandola nature reserve, Europe’s only land and sea reserve; the Spelunca Gorge, a canyon of breathtaking beauty and the Calanches of Piana, inlets with amazing giant granite sculptures that turned from orange to red according to the time of the day.

In northwest Corsica, you will find the Balagne region, considered to be the garden of Corsica because of its fertile hills planted with citrus and olive groves. Located on Monte Grosso, Calenzana is famous for its wine, cheese and other local delicacies. On the coast, Calvi and Ile Rousse are two charming seaside resort towns with fine sandy beaches framed by snowy peaks in the background.

Corte and Central Corsica: For an authentic taste of Corsica try the island’s interior where you will encounter small villages untouched by time, lush forests, mountains with tall peaks, lakes, splashing rivers and waterfalls. From the historic town of Corte, you can set out on hiking trips to the nearby Restonica and Tavignano Valleys. For energetic on foot exploration, the famed long distance GR20 lead well fit hikers to the island’s highest peaks. Many less strenuous and thoroughly enjoyable hiking paths are also available for hikers of all levels.

Interested in visiting Corsica? The following sample vacations to Corsica are ideas of what’s possible. Contact your Corsica Travel Consultant today!

Corsica Travel Packages and Itineraries
The following are samples which can be customized to your needs and interests. The sky is the limit so just ask us and will be happy to provide assistance in creating the perfect and memorable experience to Corsica.


Corsica Discovery Tours 

Corsica Active Tours

Shore Excursions


Corsica Discovery Tours with car rental or chauffeur guided

Southern Corsica and Ajaccio

  • 2 nights in Ajaccio
  • Visit the historic town, Casa Bonaparte, Cathedral Notre Dame and Musee Fesch
  • 1 night in Propiano
  • Explore the Megaliths sites in Filitosa and Sartene
  • 3 nights in Bonifacio or Porto Vecchio
  • Guided tour of the perched citadel of Bonifacio
  • Guided excursion to Ospedale Forest and Bavella with picnic of Corsican delicacies
  • Return to Ajaccio

Northern Corsica and Ajaccio

  • 2 nights in Ajaccio
  • Visit the Historic town, Casa Bonaparte, Cathedral Notre Dame and Musee Fesch
  • 2 nights in Corte in central Corsica
  • Visit the citadel and Corsica Museum
  • Explore the Restonica and Tavignano Gorges
  • 3 nights in Bastia or St. Florent
  • Explore the Cap Corse peninsula
  • Visit the vineyards of Patrimonio AOC
  • 3 nights in Calvi or Ile Rousse
  • Explore the Gulf of Porto
  • Visit Calanches of Piana and Spelunca Gorge
  • Hike the magical forest d’Aitone
  • Enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches of Cargese before returning to Ajaccio  TOP

Corsica Active Tours

Corsica from Mountain to Sea

  • Explore the mountain trails of the GR20
  • 2 nights in Corte
  • Explore the Tavignano valley, Lac de Croix and reach the Col di Vertigio
  • 2 nights in Calacuccia in a hotel overlooking mount Cintu, Corsica’s highest peak
  • 2 nights in Evisa
  • Visit the Gorges de Spelunca
  • 2 nights in Porto
  • Explore the Calanches of Piana
  • Return to Ajaccio

Southern Corsica Walk

  • 2 nights in Zonza in the Alta Rocca
  • Explore the trails that lead to the Col de Bavella with views of jagged rock needles of the Aiguilles de Bavella
  • Follow the Mare a Mare Sud trail through beautiful pine forests to Levie
  • 2 nights in Levie
  • Walk from Levie to to coastal Campomoro through deep green Rizzanese Valley.
    • 2 nights in Campomoro, a picturesque fishing village
  • Return to Ajaccio  TOP

Shore Excursions

From Bonifacio, Corsica

  • Guided tour of the fortress town of Bonifacio and enjoy a picnic of Corsican specialties in the pine scented hills overlooking the Mediterranean.
  • Visit the Col de Bavella or Ospedale Forest

From Ajaccio

  • A half day walking tour of the Imperiale town of Ajaccio to visit the Casa Bonaparte, the church where Napoleon was christened and the old port.
  • Mountain and Sea--Discover the unspoiled beaches of Ajaccio’s Gulf and view the stunning Prunelli’s Gorges

From Propiano

  • Visit the Megaliths in Filitosa
  • Tour the picturesque medieval town of Sartene
  • Enjoy a day in the fishing village of Compomoro  TOP