Northern France

Northern France is a region often overlooked by travelers but what a pity for it has so much to offer. North of Paris, the regions of Picardy, Nord-Pas de Calais, Champagne-Ardennes and Lorraine have a rich historical heritage. First time visitors are surprised and delighted of discovering its many treasures such as towns with Flemish architecture like Lille or Art-Nouveau treasure troves in Nancy; majestic gothic cathedral like in Arras, Amiens, Metz and Laon and fine castles like Chantilly, Compiegne and Pierrefonds; the old charm coastal beach resorts of le Touquet in Nord Pas de Calais and the spectacular sand dunes on the Opal Coast attract those looking for off-the beaten-path family friendly vacations. Though the weather in Northern France can be colder than in other parts of France, the locals’ warm hospitality makes up for it along with a hearty gastronomy where beer is king.

Northern France is also a destination for remembrance tourism as it has been, unfortunately, for centuries the site of ferocious battles and none more devastating than the First World War. Battlefields of the Somme, Marne, Meuse and Argonne attract visitors looking to retrace history and recalling hellish events. Here you will find Verdun and its surrounding devastated countryside bearing witness of the atrocities of war; the American Cemetery of Meuse-Argonne, the largest American War cemetery in Europe as well as many other memorials and cemeteries dedicated to British, Australian, New-Zealand, Canadian and Russian troops who died on French soil during the Great War.

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Memory Tours- First World War (WWI)

On this centenary of the Great War (1914-1918), explore some of the most important battlefields and memorials of one of the deadliest conflicts of human history. With Enchanted France custom designed itineraries you will follow the battles of the Somme and Marne by visiting unforgettable sites like Verdun where nightmarish battles between German and French forces, starting on February 21 1916, lasted 300 days and 300 nights. After ten month of battle in Verdun, more than 700,000 German and French troops were killed. Also, learn how the arrival of the American Expeditionary Force under General Pershing in 1917 help turn the tide of the war when they undertook a major counteroffensive in the Argonne and Marne. Memory tours of First World War are offered as independent-self drive, private chauffeur guided tours and minibus tours from Paris.
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