Between the culture, the cuisine, the people, and the sites, there’s no doubt about it – we love Paris! Whether you’re traveling alone or with others, for the first time or for the tenth time, you’re sure to find just the Paris vacation package for you! No matter your travel background, there are so many places to go in Paris, and our tours encompass something for everyone. From solo travel to group travel, and everything in between, you’ll love booking with Enchanted France.

Traveling with your love for your honeymoon or wedding anniversary? Paris romance in the city of lights is unlike any other. Traveling with your best group of girl friends? Submerse yourself fully into the culture with our Women’s Parisian Adventure, complete with a Paris cooking class! If you’re looking to truly take advantage of being a tourist in this beautiful land, our Paris Essential package is the perfect option for you!

Have the getaway of your dreams and travel in style and with ease, only with Enchanted France!

Paris Romance

Celebrate your honeymoon or that special wedding anniversary in the City of Lights. Stroll on the banks of the romantic Seine River, soak up art in the many museums and the architecture everywhere, dine at a cozy bistro or just sit at a café terrace and watch a lively street scene.
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Paris Essential

Enjoy the best of Paris from incomparable art, unmatched architecture, sophisticated fashion, exciting shopping, tempting gastronomy and much more. Paris' perpetual energy makes it a fun destination anytime of the year.
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Girlfriends' Parisian Adventure

There’s nothing like spending carefree time in Paris on a mother/daughter trip or with girlfriends -- unrestricted and uncensored. Visit your favorite museum; shop to your heart’s content; take a cooking class; indulge in an aromatherapy spa treatment and enjoy Paris numerous gourmet pleasures (don’t worry about the extra pounds!!).
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Paris and Ile de France Adventure
6 nights/ 7 days

This is a unique cultural adventure through Paris and the Ile de France, the historical cradle of the Kingdom of France. Since the time of Childebert I, Paris was the administrative and cultural capital of the French kingdom while the surrounding countryside was the pleasure ground of the kings and where they built beautiful retreats.
This tour will cover history, architecture, art and the Parisian savoir vivre and for the first time, the tour will venture outside of the capital to the neighboring countryside. So…Join us for this one-of-kind tour!!.
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In the Footsteps of the Impressionists
Escorted tour – 7 nights/8 days

Come, let’s follow the footsteps of the Impressionist painters from Paris to the countryside of Ile de France and Normandy.
Paris was the center of the Impressionist art movement in the mid 19th century. Artists like Monet, Manet, Renoir, Caillebotte , van Gogh, Sisley, Pissaro and others rejected the traditional and conventional academic style of painting favored by the art world of the era instead they preferred a looser , brighter, more realistic and freer way to represent the world they perceived and lived in and lived in. They took their easel and sketch books and went out to depict city streets, café life, everyday people, bourgeois interiors, seashore and countryside. While rejected by the Academic institutions of the time for being considered as degenerate art, these artists eventually became popular and today their paintings are greatly admired in museums and exhibitions around the world.
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