Each region of France offers a rich essence of beauty, history, and culture. The question is… which should you visit?! At Enchanted France, we offer a number of France vacation packages throughout each region of this gorgeous country. Each package offers a variety of benefits, each, perfect for a European get away. Whether you vacation in France frequently or you’re experiencing its beauty for the first time, you’ll love your experience with Enchanted France.

Looking to experience a Mediterranean oasis getaway? You’ll love our French Riviera vacations! If you’re looking for authentic French cuisine or the adventure of a picturesque bike tour, don’t miss out on any of our Provence vacation packages! We have packages available for a number of different lengths, offering a variety of different inclusions, allowing you to experience the perfect European vacation to fit your taste.

Be sure to check out each of our fabulous regional vacations to experience all of the culture and beauty that France has to offer!

Paris/Ile de France
Paris Romance
Paris Essential
Women's Parisian Adventure
Paris and Ile de France Adventure
ln The Footsteps of the Impressionists

A Grand Tour of Bordeaux Vineyards
A Southwest Journey Through Time
Gourmet and Golf in Dordogne
Spa Escape in Bordeaux
Lourdes Pilgrimage
Dordogne Discovery tour - Escorted
Bordeaux City Break
Toulouse City Break
Discover France Southwest - Escorted

Normandy Discovery
Normandy D-day Sites
Discover Brittany
Western France
Rennes City Break
Rouen City Break

A Week in Provence
Cooking Classes in a Provencal Village
Learn from a Master Chef
Culinary Adventure in Nice
Provence Epicurean Adventure
Provence Discovery Bike Tour
Classic Provence Walking Tour
Provence River Cruise
Provence Escapade - A feast for the senses
From Cezanne to Picasso
Provence Countryside Luxury Delights
Marseille City Break

French Riviera/Corsica
Riviera Short Escape
Deluxe Riviera-Between Mountains and Sea
Corsica- A Mediterranean Gem

Loire Valley
A Loire Valley Short Escape (self-drive independent)
Loire Valley Châteaux and Wine Tasting (Privately Escorted)
Prestige Honeymoon/Anniversary in the Loire Valley
Loire Valley Discovery Bike Tours
Chateaux and Golf in the Loire Valley

Alsace Route du Vin
Burgandy Discovery Bike Tours
Burgundy Barge Cruise
Meander along the Upper Loire
A Champagne Escapade
A Deluxe Champagne Cruise
Reims City Break
Strasbourg City Break

Montpellier City Break

Rhone Alps/Auvergne
Lyon City Break

Northern France
Memory Tours - First World War (WW I)

Under the Tropics
Magical Honeymoon on the Island of Love-Bora Bora
Two-Island Magic